About us

The vision of Clinicas Maya is to improve the health of the villages around Lake Atitlan, especially for the economically deprived women and children in the region. The clinic has a focus on education and preventive care to improve overall health conditions.

Clinicas Maya believes that all people have a right to health. Our mission is to advance the use of the alternative medicine, complemented by conventional medicine, to provide integrated care to the villages of Lake Atitlan.

Clinicas Maya was founded in 1996 to address the lack of available healthcare services for the indigenous Mayan people around Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. By using a holistic approach that combines traditional Mayan medicine with advanced clinical methods, Clinicas Maya provides a comfortable, familiar atmosphere and a high quality of care.
    Located in the picturesque village of San Marcos la Laguna, Clinicas Mayas also provides important education programs, including midwife training, contraceptive options, STD prevention, nutrition, hygiene and sanitation. By empowering the people in the region with knowledge and preventive care, Clinicas Maya provides a solid foundation for future health and community growth. There is no charge for people to come to the clinic. We rely on the generous donations of our supporters around the world to deliver our much-needed services.
    Clinicas Maya employs six local members of the Mayan community and welcomes visiting medical professionals to provide additional care to the population.